And also, from 2014, Agent of the company ROLL CONCEPT in Spain


ROLL CONCEPT is a company with over 20 years of experience specializated to the manufacture of industrial rollers in aluminum extruded profiles (ALVEOTUBE).

Alveotube aluminium rollers are designed to provide low rotational inertia with little deflection thanks to the excellent strength to weight ratio.

Available in 9 Ø differents (from Ø48mm till Ø230mm).

And also we can:

  • mechanize external Ø to improve rugosity and concentricity

  • mechanize helically fluted grooves to prevent the problem with the air trapped between the roller and the product
  • dynamic balancing
  • live shaft models or dead shaft models are also standard options 
  • rollers can be finished with various surface treatments or coatings

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